Kicking Cancer’s Parcel


The ultimate gift package thoughtfully put together for somebody that has been diagnosed or is currently suffering with cancer.

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Unfortunately like us here at Kiss My Parcel, most people have had some form of association with cancer. Be it a personal battle or helplessly watching a loved one suffer the effects. Perhaps hearing that a work colleague or old school friend that you haven’t seen in years has been diagnosed. No matter the circumstance it’s never easy or welcoming news. If you are looking for a unique cancer gift that not only shows that you care but actually helps and brings a smile to the recipients face, you’re on the right page…

This Premium Care Package is crammed full of luxury, appropriate, useful and sensitive gifts. Cumulatively they are guaranteed to pump the receiver with positive energy, giving them that all needed fighting spirit.

Take a closer look at what’s inside… 

The Luxury:

The most prominent feature of this luxury gift box is the Canplan. A one of a kind planner, currently only obtainable in the US and designed specifically for cancer patients. The pages are enclosed in an opulent leather hardcover with magnetic closure. It provides daily reminders, guidelines for positive living and methods for monitoring and tracking all of the details of your illness every step of the way. There are even suggested questions to ask the doctor at various stages of illness. This isn’t simply a planner: its a roadmap to recovery, a book that will return control of your life back into your hands.

For an element of feel good luxury to help with the dry skin that cancer causes, we’ve included GreenGates Noni treatment facial oil. Greengate can be found in the pharmaceutical department of Harrods but this wonderful best selling treatment oil is exclusive to Greengate direct and of course Kiss My Parcel.

The Healthy:

The number one international best selling book anti cancer a new way of life by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. It shows you how, through simple changes in diet, lifestyle and attitude, one can tackle cancer alongside conventional treatments.

Water provides the most natural way to cleanse and detox the body so we added the Water To Go 3 in 1 water filter bottle.  The included Water To Go filter removes 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants. Having a high temperature despite feeling cold is a common symptom of somebody suffering with cancer. We therefore added the newest edition Iproven digital dual mode thermometer. A top of the range piece of kit, this thermometer has been extensively clinically tested for accuracy and FDA approved. Lastly, to compliment the healthy attributes of this package, we also a box of premium detoxing Teapigs green tea.

The Useful:

Clinell handwipes and an antibactial hand gel sanitiser. E45 cream and the highly acclaimed ‘Defiant’ lip balm. Both products are renowned for combatting dry cracked skin and lips, often a result of this unpleasant illness. Lastly, the sought after Queasy drops which help tackle nausea and a Kool Pak to help cool the patient down.

The Thoughtful:

Stressfully tedious appointments often come hand in hand with a Cancer Diagnosis. Therefore we’ve included products to help make time seemingly pass quickly. The Art Therapy Inspirational Notebook is a quotation, colouring and doodle notebook and in addition to gel pens, this is a fantastic boredom busting gift set. Also included is When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi, selected book of the year by the Evening Standard, Observer, Mail On Sunday, The Economist and the New York and Sunday Times. This international bestselling book follows the life of Dr Kalanithi. One day a doctor treating the dying, the next he is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, struggling to live. “finishing this book and then forgetting about it is simply not an option”

The Conclusion:

Kiss My Parcel always put an awful lot of thought and care into every single one of our care packages and this one is certainly no exception. Absolutely every item in this unique cancer gift package is specifically relevant, top quality and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient. In conclusion, there is not a better cancer specific gift bundle on the market in terms of value and or quality.

All gifts excitingly hidden amongst an array of recycled shredded paper, topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

Whether you are treating yourself or sending as a gift to a loved one, we understand the likelihood that this package will be needed quickly. We therefore offer next day delivery on this item. A Same day delivery service is also available and will automatically be offered at checkout if the recipient resides within our current London borders which we are regularly expanding.


  • Canplan Leather Bound Planner
  • Iproven Dual Mode Digital Thermometer
  • Defiant Lip Balm
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life By Dr David Servan- Schreiber
  • Kool Pak
  • Teapigs Green Tea
  • Clinell wipes x3
  • E45 Cream
  • Gel Pens
  • Art Therapy An Inspiration Notebook By Sam Loman
  • When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi
  • Greengate Noni Treatment Facial Oil
  • Queasy Drops
  • Water-To-Go 3in1 Water Filter Bottle