Coronavirus Care


Our Coronavirus Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include natural, vitamin boosting and useful products to help minimise infection.

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We specialise in helping people in need in the most thoughtful, premium but cost effective way possible and with a global Coronavirus pandemic announced, we have to put together a care package that includes as many products that we could think of to help, aid and minimise contamination.

This Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of natural, vitamin boosting and top quality products including…

The Healthy:

Teapigs green tea which is famed around the world for its beneficial properties. Able to give you a mental and physical boost without the downside found with other caffeinated drinks, thanks to the calming influence of a natural substance called theanine. Wholesome organic tomato and basil soup. High quality chewable vitamin C to get the immune system working to the best of its ability, as well as 2 sachets of organic beee’s Honey for on the go. A highly acclaimed organic remedy in its most natural effective form.

The Useful:

3x Surgical face masks which are N-95 compliant. 1 pack of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser for extra protection. A Kool Pak for fevers and to ease any muscle aches and honey and lemon flavoured Strepsils to ease the symptoms of a painful sore throat that allegedly accompanies the Coronavirus. Wonderfully soft natural bamboo tissues in a cube and pocket form for tending to that pesky runny nose wether at home or on the go! An accurate Blu Dot thermometer for reading and recognising rising temperatures.  h2>The TLC:

Our promise of TLC also comes with a pouch of Cold & Flu bath salts, perfect for that much needed soak in the tub.

The Conclusion:

All products hidden amongst an array of recycled wooden wool, topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

Whether you are treating yourself or sending as a gift to a loved one we understand the likelihood that this package will be needed quickly. We therefore offer next day delivery on this item. A Same day delivery service is also available and will automatically be offered at checkout if the recipient resides within our current London borders which we are regularly expanding.


  • Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea x15 Temples
  • Surgical N-95 Compliant Face masks x3
  • Blue Dot Thermometer
  • Vitamin C Chewable
  • Raw Organic Bee Honey On The Go x2
  • Antibacterial Hand Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Organic Soup In A Mug – Tomato and Basil (4 servings)
  • Strepsils Honey and Lemon
  • Kool Pak
  • Cheeky Panda Tissues Cube
  • Cheeky Panda Tissues Pocket Size
  • Cold & Flu Bath Salts