Coming of Age – The Period Box


Sensitively put together for a special young lady to help her understand and embrace reaching puberty, this period Care Package is packed full of useful and pampering gifts to make her smile.

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Starting your period can be a scary and confusing time for all young ladies. Trying to explain what is happening to their body can be awkward and embarrassing for all involved. This period Care Package has thoughtfully been put together to deal with all aspects of reaching puberty in a sensitive, fun and informative manner.

Take a closer look at what’s inside… 

The Informative:

The Girls only book by Victoria Parker answers all the questions young women are dying to ask but daren’t, in a clear friendly way using real-life examples. The tone is positive, reassuring and complemented by quirky illustrations.

The Useful:

This unique care package includes helpful items that she will need once her menstrual cycle begins. For example; the perfect for young girls Lil-Lets Day and Night sanitary towels. A handmade travel pouch which holds 3 pads so she can take them with her wherever she goes ‘discreetly’. In the early stages of menstruation, periods can be irregular. To tackle this we have included nifty handcrafted Knicker Stickers perfect for plotting and tracking their cycle dates in diaries, calendars and journals.

The Thoughtful:

Organic clary sage oil because a few drops of this herbal oil has been proven to help ease stomach cramps and is a great alternative to over the counter and/ or prescribed drugs. Heat is also said to help with cramps so we have added the cute and fluffy Warm Hugs heated bear which is made from Lavender and wheat and is microwavable making it safer than the traditional scalding hot water bottles. For the dreaded break outs we’ve included a Clear and Simple Face Wash, suitable for sensitive skin this wonder wash is guaranteed to help with the inevitable acne that tends to go hand in hand with puberty.

The Pampering:

Coming of age shouldn’t be all doom and gloom and to make sure she doesn’t feel this way, we opted to include some top quality pampering gifts to remind the recipient just how special she really is. Take the Ted Baker body mist for example, this will have her smelling sweet and feeling like the lovely young lady she is instantly. All teenage girls love bath bombs and therefore we simply had to include the ‘totally awesome’ Bomb Cosmetics Girl Power bath bomb. Lastly a Claires Accessories unicorn eye mask because all girls love unicorns!

The Edible:

Lastly, most ladies crave chocolate around ‘that time’ of the month so we have added a delicious healthy alternative that tastes just like the real thing, with added healthy benefits. Yoghurt covered apricots, trust us, she’ll love them!

The Conclusion:

All gifts excitingly hidden amongst an array of shiny iridescent shredded cellophane, topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

We understand the likelihood that this package will be needed quickly. We therefore offer next day delivery on this item. A Same day delivery service is also available and will automatically be offered at checkout if the recipient resides within our current London borders which we are regularly expanding.


  • Girls Only Book by Victoria Parker
  • Organic Clary Sage Oil
  • Warm Hugs Hot Water Bottle (with Lavender and Wheat)
  • Lil-Lets Teen Sanitary Towels – Night
  • Lil-Lets Teen Sanitary Towels – Day
  • Clear and Simple Face Wash
  • Knicker Stickers
  • Hand Crafted Sanitary towel pouch
  • Organic Yoghurt covered Apricots
  • Bomb Cosmetics Girl Power Bath Bomb
  • Claires Accessories Eye Mask
  • Ted Baker Body Mist