Cold & Flu Organic Ultimate


An all Organic get well soon gift. Our natural Cold & Flu Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include top quality feel good products that will have the recipient feeling right as rain in no time!

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A totally organic approach to the unfortunately very common cold resulting in the ultimate natural get well soon gift.

This Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include…

The Organic Fix:

There are many that swear by a blend of turmeric, honey, lemon and ginger so we start this package of with the most organic, healthy and fresh versions we could find of all four of the above! Perfect for a homemade boil. Also included are pure echinacea drops, a highly acclaimed organic herbal remedy in its most natural effective form.

The Organic Useful:

Comvita manuka honey lozenges for the painful sore throat that often accompanies a cold or flu. Avogels micacle organic remedy of echinacea as well as wonderfully soft natural bamboo tissues for tending to that pesky runny nose.

The TLC:

A potent eucalyptus oil that when burned will fill the recipients room with a natural decongestant vapour and a quaint burner just for this. A pouched blend of eucalyptus, ginger & black pepper bath salts, perfect for that much needed soak in the tub. Nothing beats  soup when under the weather other than perhaps hot tea and so we’ve lastly included 4 sachets of totally organic carrot and coriander soup as well as the award winning Lemon and Ginger Teapigs Tea.

The Conclusion:

All gifts excitingly hidden amongst an array of recycled shredded paper, topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

Whether you are treating yourself or sending as a gift to a loved one we understand the likelihood that this package will be needed quickly. We therefore offer next day delivery on this item. A Same day delivery service is also available and will automatically be offered at checkout if the recipient resides within our current London borders which we are regularly expanding.


  • Teapigs Lemon and Ginger Tea Temples
  • Hilltop Organic Eucalyptus Manuka Honey
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Oil Burner
  • Organic Vegan Carrot and Coriander Soup (4 servings)
  • Comvita Manuka Honey Lozenges
  • Just Natural Organic Tumeric Powder
  • Organic Crystallised Ginger
  • Biona 100% Pure Lemon Juice
  • Cheeky Panda Tissues
  • A Vogels Echinacea (liquid form)
  • Cold & Flu Bath Salts