Cold & Flu Essentials


The essential get well soon gift. Our miniature Cold & Flu Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of natural, medicated and top quality feel good products that will have the recipient feeling right as rain in no time!

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Feeling under the weather leaves us in need of some serious TLC. Kiss My Parcel is pleased to introduce a miniature version of our best best selling Cold & Flu Ultimate care package.

This Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of medicated and natural feel better products for the patient on the go including…

The Natural & The Medicated:

A miniature version of the award winning Lemon and Ginger Teapigs Tea which includes 2 temples in a dinky box. Lemsip Max Daytime cold & flu relief tablets. Strepsil lozenges for the painful sore throat that often accompanies a cold or flu. Wonderfully soft natural bamboo tissues for tending to that pesky runny nose and an Olbas inhaler to clear it!

The TLC:

A potent menthol candle that will fill the recipients room with a natural decongestant vapour.  Our promise of TLC also comes with a pouched blend of pure Eucalyptus, Ginger & Blackpepper cold and flu bath salts, perfect for that much needed soak in the tub.

The Conclusion:

All gifts excitingly hidden amongst an array of recycled shredded paper, topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

Whether you are treating yourself or sending as a gift to a loved one we understand the likelihood that this package will be needed quickly. We therefore offer next day delivery on this item. A Same day delivery service is also available and will automatically be offered at checkout if the recipient resides within our current London borders which we are regularly expanding.


  • Teapigs Lemon And Ginger Tea Temples x2
  • Olbas Decongestant Inhaler
  • Airpure Vapour Candle
  • Lemsip Max Daytime Cold And Flu Relief Tablets
  • Strepsil Lozenges
  • Cheeky Panda Pocket Bamboo Tissues
  • Cold & Flu Bath Salts