Hospital-healing Boredom Buster Package

Many of us at some point will have a close friend or relative that will experience a long hospital stay. While their stay in hospital will provide them with the opportunity to sleep, rest and recuperate, after a while their stay can start to feel quite frustrating with lots of long hours of inactivity and boredom.

Depending on the hospital setting and the nature of their illness, your friend or loved one may have the opportunity to partake in activities to help relieve their boredom, such as some light exercise from walking and stretching, organising a movie night with other patients, doing some arts and crafts or reading. However, it will be likely that they will not be able to completely mimic their normal everyday routines.

While there isn’t much you can physically do to speed up their recovery time and get them out of hospital sooner, you can go a long way towards making them feel less bored and a whole lot better by gifting them a Kiss My Parcel Hospital-healing Boredom Buster Package.

The carefully selected items in the Hospital-healing Boredom Buster package are great for keeping your recipients mind engaged and distracted during their stay. The package offers a nice variety of gifts that your friend or relative will really appreciate. Here is a list of what you can find in the gift box:

  • Colour Me Mindful Adult Colouring Book
  • Gel Pens
  • Teapigs Chamomile Tea Temples
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Ginger
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffe Chocolate Bar
  • Skull Candy In Ear Earphones
  • Take A Break’s Mini Puzzle Mix Collection
  • Simpkins Tinned Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets
  • Macks Quick Patient Recover Sleep Mask (with free Ear Plugs)
  • 1,339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop Book By John Lloyd
  • 101 Things To Do Instead Of Playing On Your Phone Book By Ilka Heinemann
  • Thumbs Up Lazy Bracket Clip Universal Phone Holder
  • Kiss My Parcel Pen

If your gift recipient fancies watching a film on their smartphone, then the Thumbs Up Lazy Bracket Clip Universal Phone Holder will save them having to hold up their phone with their hand and risk getting pins and needles or a stiff arm or shoulder. This will also allow them to stay connected to family and friends through their phone to social media while still comfortably resting in bed.

With so much time on their hands, it could be tempting for them to try something new that they haven’t done before, such as trying their hand at the latest craze of adult colouring with the Colour Me Mindful Adult Colouring Book and the pack of gel colouring pens that can be found within the gift package. Fans of adult colouring books say that the hobby can be very absorbing, and people shouldn’t confuse the art with the type of stuff we all did as children with crayons.

To keep the mind active and stimulated, the Hospital-healing Boredom Buster package also contains a fantastic 1,339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop Book By John Lloyd, as well as Take A Break’s Mini Puzzle Mix Collection to keep your recipients neurons firing on all cylinders.

To complement all of the boredom busting elements found in this package, there are some wonderfully indulgent food and drink treats to be had too. From fruity tinned sweets to spicy chocolate ginger and relaxing Teapigs Chamomile Tea Temples, your recipients taste buds will never get bored!

Suitable for ages 13 to 113, this Hospital-healing Boredom Buster package will be lots more fun and entertaining than a bunch of grapes or a bunch of flowers that will only last for a few days.