Corporate Christmas Stockings

we bring you fun BRANDED christmas stockings for adults BRING BACK THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS! Environmentally friendly, sustainable, family fun. White tissue snowball packaging for a snowball fight no matter the weather. BRING BACK THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS! Kiss My Parcel are here to fulfil your every need, saving you time, energy and the stress […]

Corporate Thank You Gifts

SHOW them HOW MUCH You Care with A custom gift furloughed fun Here we have an example of a care package put together to lift up a fun loving team whilst working from home. Their employers wanted to add elements of fun as well as practicality. We added the wingman straight flying frisbee, 31 day […]

Luxury Winter Care Corporate Gift

Winter Q4 Survival kit: One thoughtful company came to us wanting to furnish their entire staff with a very cool Q4 survival kit box. They wanted to include comfort and cosy items that would be appreciated and useful during the cold and covid lockdown months. We put together an epic box filled to the brim […]

Corporate Get Well Soon Gifts

Organic Cold & Flu We are currently offering our corporate clients a premium variation of our Organic Cold & Flu care package with great volume discounts. We can adapt this box to fit most budgets which is guaranteed to be appreciated during these unprecedented times. PRemium Cold & flu Feeling under the weather leaves us […]

Corporate Winter Survival Gifts2

Who doesn’t need a Winter Survival kit? Your Corporate Care Gift can include comfort and cosy items to soothe and cheer during the cold months. We will create an amazing box filled to the brim with survival kit goodies like a quirky vitamin oral spray, sleep balms, soft socks and a UK handmade teapot and tea […]

Corporate Seasonal Gifts

Essential Cold & Flu With the cold and flu season approaching, we wanted to offer a suitable gift that could be sent to their national staff database at an affordable cost. This quaint bundle ticks all the boxes to show your people that you care without breaking the bank. Winter Q4 Survival kit One thoughtful […]

Thinking of You Corporate Gift

thinking of you corporate gifts to show you care Sometimes less is more and this bespoke block gold foil printed package is a perfect example. Our client wanted to send a gift to their staff to not only show that they were aware of the difficulties they may be facing at home during lockdown but […]

Corporate Pick-Me-Up Gifts

WORKING-FROM-HOME CARE PACKAGES FOR your team Essential Pick- Me- Ups: We started a trend after a company asked us to put together bespoke Pick-Me-Up care packages for their entire national staff network who were furloughed at home. Always one for a challenge, we wanted to create something different, thoughtful, fun and up-lifting! We were briefed […]