Kiss My Parcel Pick Me Up Gift

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Pick Me Up Gift

Pick Me Up Gift

Sometimes life can get you down, so if you are looking for a thoughtful pick-me-up gift for someone special, then you need look no further than Kiss My Parcel!

With our busy lifestyles, many of us simply do not have the time to spend looking for an ideal gift to help lift someone’s spirits. However, we have saved you a lot of time and trouble by narrowing down some simply wonderful treats to help your friend or loved one to smile and to build some resolve to get through their difficult patch.

Gifting your friend or loved one with one of our Kiss My Parcel Pick Me Up packages will give them a gift full of TLC that they will really appreciate. Here is what comes in our collection for a great mix of pampering treats and mood-boosting items that will really help to raise their spirits.

  • Terramundi ‘Think Big’ Money Pot
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffe Bar
  • Organic Ginger Zinger Intense Pick Up Shot
  • Lily Flame Silent Night Candle
  • The Little Book Of Affirmations By Gilly Pickup
  • Handcrafted Humorous Mug And Coaster Set
  • Gift Republic Grow Your Own Sunflower
  • Kiss My Parcel Stress Ball
  • Kiss My Inspiration Notebook
  • Teapigs Up Beet Tea Temples
  • Absolute Aromas Bath Salts

We especially love the idea of including the Gift Republic Grow Your Own Sunflower. This little addition will help to inspire your friend or loved one to keep on going. Planting and nurturing something living and growing will show them that life goes on, and whatever issues they are feeling stressed about now will ease with time. The growing flower will be a constant reminder to keep going. The reward of a beautiful sunflower will be something to look forward to.

Your mind can become a frantic jumble of thoughts when feeling down. The inclusion of the Kiss My Inspiration Notebook and Stress Ball can help your friend or loved one work through their thoughts and note down important messages and reminders to themselves to help better organise their thoughts.

With our wonderful gift package, you get a chance to give a thoughtful gift that is very different from anything else you could find in a gift shop. Your gift recipient will really appreciate being given something out of the ordinary, especially if they have been gifted endless bunches of flowers from other friends and family.

The Absolute Aromas Bath Salts can be used for when your loved one wants to escape from the world and enjoy a long soak in the bath. The unique mix of Himalayan Salt and essential oils such as Benzoin, Bergamot, Chamomile, Lavender and more will really help to ease away the stresses of the day.

You can really save yourself a lot of time and effort searching online or browsing around department stores in search of the ideal pick-me-up gift for someone you care about, or you can choose our wonderful care package to really show your friend or loved one just how much they mean to you and how you wish to see them back to their old selves once again.