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Kicking Cancer Gift

Cancer Care Gift

Cancer is a horrible disease and it is not choosy – it can hit anyone. Sadly, many of us are touched by cancer, whether it affects a friend or a loved one, it can be an emotional journey for everyone affected. This is why you will want to show your friend or loved one that you care about them at this stressful time when they are feeling very vulnerable.

You will want to give them a thoughtful gift to show you are thinking about them and that you will be there to support them through their journey. However, the last thing you want to do is to give them a gift that is really about you. Giving them something that is cheap and nasty or they have no interest in will quickly see your gift consigned to the waste bin.

OK, so you know that you should give them something good that they will appreciate, but what exactly?

Thoughtful gifts with meaning

Gift cards or certificates: The go-to gift for many people is to buy a gift card or some sorts. While this may not appear to be a very personal gift at first sight, it actually really is. This is because you are allowing your friend or loved one to choose something that they like. So if your friend is an avid reader, then you could buy them book tokens for a bookshop for example. You could include a magazine subscription here too where you can buy a years worth of their favourite magazine. Many subscription services will issue gift vouchers that allow the recipients to choose their preferred magazine title from their list.

Kicking Cancer’s Parcel: A great gift to give to a friend or loved one, especially if they are in hospital for an extended stay for treatment. This is a unique cancer care gift package that truly shows your friend or loved one that you care, and it is something that will help boost their mood and wellbeing, which is great for strengthening their immune system.

Kicking Cancer’s Parcel contains lots of little luxurious and useful treats that will keep their spirits up. The parcel contains the following wonderful items that will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your recipients face:

  • Canplan Leather Bound Planner
  • Iproven Dual Mode Digital Thermometer
  • Defiant Lip Balm
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life By Dr David Servan- Schreiber
  • Kool Pak
  • Teapigs Green Tea
  • Clinell wipes x3
  • E45 Cream
  • Gel Pens
  • Art Therapy An Inspiration Notebook By Sam Loman
  • When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi
  • Greengate Noni Treatment Facial Oil
  • Queasy Drops
  • Water-To-Go 3in1 Water Filter Bottle

There are lovely and thoughtful touches here with the Canplan Leather Bound Planner that can help your loved one jot down important appointments and notes, which can be a great memory aid for when the side-effects of cancer treatment can affect your memory.

There are reviving and refreshing Tea Pigs Green Tea bags for when you need a soothing cup of tea and a rest. The Kool Pak and Defiant Lip Balm are wonderful added extras here that can make you feel more comfortable. A treat pack that will surely be appreciated by your friend or loved one either while they are in hospital or when recovering at home.