Kiss My Parcel Bereavement Care Package

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Bereavement Care Package

When a loved one passes away, family members and close friends will want to show their sympathy by giving a thoughtful gift. Quite often the most gifted item for a bereavement is usually fresh flower arrangements. While a gift of flowers can be very touching at such a sad time, sometimes there are more flowers left after a funeral than the family know what to do with.

A lovely alternative bereavement gift idea that can be something much longer lasting and personal than fresh flowers is the Kiss My Parcel Bereavement Care Package.

Containing a comforting Sandalwood scented candle, a high quality engraved Maple wood photo frame inscribed with the words “You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, although we cannot see you, you are always by our side” and a Gift Republic Bonsai grow kit to plant and tend daily to produce a beautiful tree in memory of their loved one which will grow and last for years to come.

The Gift Republic Bonsai grow kit is something special that the family can keep and nurture for many years in memory of their loved one. Gifting something that is alive and ever-present can be so comforting for grieving families. As the miniature tree grows and blossoms, it can help to bring back fond memories of their loved one so their spirit will continue to live on.

The inscribed Maple wood photo frame would be a great place to display a photo of your loved one. It could be a much treasured photograph that the whole family will remember being taken, or a much more obscure or rare photograph that may not have been seen by many, such as a grandparent as a child or young teenager displaying a cheeky grin that makes you smile.

Within the bereavement care package you will find a charming Cherry Wood Woodstock Piccolo wind chime. This could be hung in a breezy spot in the conservatory or garden room and will gently chime in the stirring breeze while you sit comfortably and read “When You Lose Someone You Love” by Susan Squellati Florence, which is also included in the care package.

Lastly included in this wonderful package is the Tranquillity music CD entitled Spirit of the Panpipes by Midori. A beautiful compilation of tranquil and calming music to soothe your soul and ease your mind.

Kiss My Parcel prides ourself on caring for the environment as well as for you. We carefully wrap our bereavement care package items using natural recycled shredded paper and include a personalised message sympathy card held within an authentic wax sealed envelope.

Here is a list of what can be found within our thoughtfully created bereavement care package:

  • Gift Republic Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree
  • Midori Spirit Of The Panpipes CD
  • Real Maple Wood Engraved Photo Frame
  • St Eval Sandalwood Scented Candle
  • When You Lose Someone You Love (A journey through the heart of grief) Book by Susan Squellati Florence
  • Woodstock Piccolo Chime

Take a closer look at our Bereavement Care Package and you will see how this can make a very thoughtful and long-lasting gift that your loved one will treasure.