Kiss My Parcel New Parent Care Package

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Kiss My Parcel New Parent Care Package

New Parent Care Package

What better way to congratulate a loved one on the arrival of their new baby than a thoughtful gift of a New Parent Care Package from Kiss My Parcel.

The birth of a new baby is a wonderful thing, and all new parents can become overwhelmed with love and affection for their new arrival. It is the same for close family and friends, so at special times such as these, new parents can expect to be inundated with cute gifts and presents of welcome for their little one.

You can ask anyone. Being a new parent is one of the most exhausting, yet rewarding, jobs in the world. A new baby causes a lot of commotion and brings with them plenty of change and adaptation to your regular routine. While baby will be sure to be inundated with baby toys, cute pyjamas, rattles, cosy blankets, soft towels and knitted cardigans, what about the poor exhausted parents? If you are like us, you will think that the new parents will deserve a special gift too!

This is why we came up with this fantastic idea for a New Parents Care Package. Why should parents be left out of the celebrations? Give them a much needed and much appreciated gift of pampering and relaxing treats that are found within our care parcel. It could be just the pick-me-up they need during a 2am feed, or while they pace the floor singing lullaby songs to their little bundle of joy in the early hours.

Our gift parcel contains and exciting mix of treats to delight the senses, and each one is temptingly hidden away amongst layers of shredded recycled paper just waiting to be discovered! After a few sleepless nights followed by days of entertaining constant visitors eager to meet their new addition, pulling out a well-deserved quality gift from your care parcel will be a welcome treat that they will appreciate during those times when the house is finally quiet.

Enjoying something a little more grown-up such as a chocolate treat or relaxing bubble bath will be a welcome alternative to all the new baby toys and equipment that surround them. This will also give them the time they need to unwind from their new hectic parenting life. Sharing a delightful treat together after baby is asleep can also help strengthen the parents bond with each other.

What’s inside our New Parents Care Package?

This is a wonderful package for the proud new Mummy’s and Daddy’s. Containing quality pampering, feel and taste good products. This gift package is a great way of saying ‘Congratulations’ to the ones you love on the arrival of their new baby.