Fully Matured – A Care Home Parcel

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Full matured gift

A Care Home Parcel

As our children grow up and leave home, we also have to face the fact that our own parents are not getting any younger. When you have a parent or relative that is moving to a care home in their senior years, then there will be a big change in their normal daily routine. What they would usually do for themselves on a daily basis will now be taken care of by others on their behalf. While this may sound wonderful, sometimes it leaves your elderly relative with a lot of time on their hands to fill.

This is where a welcome gift package wouldn’t go amiss! The Kiss My Parcel Fully Matured Care Home Parcel contains a lot of thoughtfully selected treats that combine a nice balance of boredom busting items to keep the mind entertained as well as some traditional treats that they will enjoy, while helping to bring back enjoyable memories from the past.

Our Fully Matured care package had a lot of thought put into it. We wanted to offer you something that no-one else could match, and give you something that you simply wouldn’t be able to find on the shelves of a gift shop or even online elsewhere.

Our carefully selected care parcel contains some lovely items that will transport your loved one back to the good old days when life was good. When they open their thoughtful gift and start to discover each new item hidden within layers of shredded paper, it will bring a bright smile to your loved ones face.

Here are the delightful items that your loved one will find hidden within our Fully Matured gift parcel:

  • Bits And Pieces 300 Piece Puzzle
  • Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil
  • Wrights Traditional Coal Tar Soap
  • Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm
  • Tangle Therapy Colouring Book
  • Stabilo Wide Grip 2in1 Colouring Pencils
  • Kool ‘n’ Soothe Migraine Cold Pack
  • Large Print Bridge Playing Cards
  • Active Minds Link & Think Game
  • Large Print Wordsearch Book
  • Kiss My Parcel Hand Exercise Ball
  • Teapigs Temples Everday Brew
  • Conscious Chocolate (Rum & Raisin)

We at Kiss My Parcel understand that it can be difficult to choose appropriate gifts for seniors. This is why we took a lot of time to work out the contents for our special one-of-a-king gift parcel. From a delicious tea blend of Teapigs Temples Everyday Brew and Conscious Chocolate rum and raisin treats to enjoy, to plenty of activities to keep their minds busy and active with Large Print Bridge Playing Cards and activity books, this senior care parcel will be a very welcomed and appreciated gift for them while settling into their new routine at their care home.

Jigsaw puzzles are great to work on alone or with company. You can really become absorbed and while away the hours piecing together a puzzle, and it can be safely left for later should their care home have some organised activities planned.

Your loved one may receive a few gifts from well-wishers, but nothing will be appreciated as much as this wonderful gift that includes many gifts within one package. Much better than receiving a bunch of flowers!