Are you a decision maker at a medium or large company and looking for a better way to engage with and motivate your employees? Perhaps you are looking for unique premium gifts for clients or customers?

Look no further….

Kiss My Parcel are here to fulfil your every need, saving you time energy and the stress that comes with trying to find a gift that makes you stand out from competitors, stand with your employees and stand in good stead for the gifts you send being truly remembered and appreciated.

Just A Few Of The Companies We Work With:

We can tailor gift packages to all kinds of budgets in a short time frame offering you a totally bespoke service, reliability and a dedicated manager to deal with all your needs. You can keep our quirky designed boxes or we can design and print an exclusive care package box encompassing your companies logo, brand or theme*. We can also include premium branded promotional gifts which will showcase your company and brand in unique style. Please feel free to contact us to discus your requirements in further detail or use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to send us your details and a short brief.

Recent examples of what we can offer:

The Pick-Me-Ups:

We started a trend after a company asked us to put together bespoke Pick-Me-Up care packages for their entire national staff network who were furloughed at home. Always one for a challenge, we wanted to create something different, thoughtful, fun and up-lifting! We were briefed on the personality of the brand and their people and thought it would be a great idea to include a grow your own giant sunflower kit (no garden needed) and to spice things up a bit the company decided to run an internal competition of who grew it best – their staff had a fun filled competitive ball growing these quick grow seeds which totally lifted their sprits. Word soon got around and we had a furore of companies asking us to make bespoke versions with different twists for their own people.  Some wanted branded items, some were returning to the office and we threw a variety of miniature office games in them but all were greatly appreciated. If you’re trying to ‘think outside the box’ and looking for something totally unique and/ exclusive, try us first. *Starting from £25

Summer Fun:

We had a lot of fun with one company that wanted to surprise their people with a summer themed care package. From their recipients names being engraved onto the “it’s Pimms ‘O Clock” crystal glasses to the best flying frisbee on the planet, we produced for them an exclusive and very unique package full of summer awesomeness!  

Premium Options:

Relax or Re-Energise

One generous company came to us asking if we could provide their clients with 2 different options of gift boxes. They let us get creative and considering so many people were stuck at home we decided to give them the choice of being relaxed or getting active… Cue the Relaxation or Re-Energise care packages. The company sending the gifts did not have their clients addresses so we were also able to create private URL forms through our website so that their intended recipients could privately enter their details and claim their gifts fit for royalty all by themselves without our client lifting a finger. *Starting from £130

Corporate Covid-19:

These are unprecedented times that have hit the UK hard and we understand that many companies are genuinely concerned about their team. We specialise in useful and thoughtful care packages for times just like this and have been able to put together large volume orders quickly for big and small businesses that not only want to let their people know they care but also show them. *Starting from £17

Corporate Sweets:

A popular example of a corporate event sweets package. This particular one is American themed but we can tailor these sweet treat premium gift boxes entirely around your requirements. *Starting from £10.50

Corporate Client:

A premium example of an exclusive client/ customer gift package. This particular box would suit a business gentleman that enjoys the finer things in life and is a cigar lovers dream but if the recipient would prefer a Romeo and Juliet or Whisky instead of Cognac, we can of course tailor to suit. *Starting from £35

Corporate Hangover:

Inspiration taken from our hugely popular Hangover Survival package. This dinky box includes premium items dedicated to the morning after the night before but can be tailored to however you want it. The perfect gift for handing out at corporate events where alcohol may be involved or commonly purchased for staff Christmas shindigs. Guaranteed to be hugely appreciated and definitely remembered! *Starting from £15

Corporate Cold & Flu:

Another corporate version of a Kiss My Parcel best seller. We noticed many big companies ordering our standard Cold & Flu package for staff that were off sick so we had to add this to our corporate list. Again it can be tailored to suit and is a great way of showing that your company cares and a thoughtful gesture to help them recover quickly. We cannot think of a better incentive to get a poorly employee itching to get back to the office full of good health. *Starting from £15

*Minimum order requirements apply

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