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Essential Pick- Me- Ups:

We started a trend after a company asked us to put together bespoke Pick-Me-Up care packages for their entire national staff network who were furloughed at home. Always one for a challenge, we wanted to create something different, thoughtful, fun and up-lifting! We were briefed on the personality of the brand and their people and thought it would be a great idea to include a grow your own giant sunflower kit (no garden needed) and to spice things up a bit the company decided to run an internal competition of who grew it best – their staff had a fun filled competitive ball growing these quick grow seeds which totally lifted their sprits. Word soon got around and we had a furore of companies asking us to make bespoke versions with different twists for their own people.  Some wanted branded items, some were returning to the office and we threw a variety of miniature office games in them but all were greatly appreciated. If you’re trying to ‘think outside the box’ and looking for something totally unique and/ exclusive, try us first!

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