Celebrate a Milestone Birthday with our hand-crafted Care Package

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Celebrate a Milestone Birthday with our hand-crafted Care Package

Hand-crafted Care Package

Do you know someone with a milestone birthday approaching? If the answer is yes, the you will need to think about a special gift for them to help celebrate this significant event. Milestone birthdays deserve some innovative thinking!

Let’s say say for example that your sister is shortly to turn 30 years old. Turning 30 can make someone feel like they are now considered to be a proper grown-up. A mature and responsible member of society! It can be a joyous occasion for some, but also tinged with a little sadness for others as they realise they are letting go of their carefree twenties.

Not that 30 is old or over the hill…. and neither is 40, or 50! Did you know that 50 is the new 40, and that 40 is the new 30? A milestone birthday is just that – an acknowledgement that another decade has past and that there is plenty more fun and enjoyment to be had in the next one.

Celebrating their milestone birthday with care

Age is but a number, so no matter what milestone birthday is approaching for your loved one, they are still the same unique person now that they have always been. So forget all those standard generic presents that people usually give for milestone birthdays. Give a gift of sunshine to make them genuinely smile on their big birthday. Our Milestone Birthday Care parcels are carefully crafted and perfectly tailored to fit with the milestone birthday being celebrated.

Filled with lots of care and attention to detail, each Milestone Birthday Care Parcel contains gifts and treats that are hidden between layers of shredded recycled paper so the recipient has no idea what they will find until they uncover each hidden gem. Each parcel is carefully packed and delivered in our Kiss Me Parcel presentation box complete with a personalised message card to go with your gift. Your personal message card is kept safe and secure inside an authentic wax-sealed envelope that sits at the top of the box.

Something to be remembered

There are lots of Milestone Birthdays to celebrate, so we craft each one of our milestone parcels to be different and suitable for the milestone that your recipient will be celebrating. These milestones are the birthdays that are most often remembered, so you will want to make their day even more special by giving your loved one a gift that is sure to be cherished and appreciated for a long time after the event.

What’s inside our Milestone Birthday Care Parcel?

Whichever age milestone a loved one is celebrating, Kiss My Parcel have got it covered with the perfect tailored milestone package…