Brighten someone’s hospital stay with our Hospital Healing Care Package

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Hospital Healing Care Package

Send a parcel of sunshine to brighten up a loved ones hospital stay. Whether it is a friend or close relative, when someone you love is going through a rough time and is facing a spell in hospital our Hospital Healing Care parcel will help to pick up their spirits and occupy their minds.

Our Hospital Care Parcel makes a perfect gift and will come with your own personalised message so they know you are thinking of them. Wanting to help someone who is under the weather is a natural response and a care package is a simple yet thoughtful way to support them. You certainly cannot make their hospital stay any shorter, but your care parcel will certainly bring a little joy and a level of extra comfort to them during their stay.

With little to do to pass the time between hospital visits from family and friends, patients can feel a little bored and fed up. Even visits from hospital staff can be fleeting, so having something to hand that can help pass the time and give them some focus will be a welcome relief. Also having a little treat to make them smile or laugh will be a nice break from the hospital routine.

What is inside our Hospital Healing Care Package?

We have a lot to delight the senses and to keep the mind occupied. Inside your recipient will find a Colour Therapy Adult Colouring Book, colouring pens and pencils, a puzzle book to keep the recipient mentally stimulated, the book of ‘1,339 QI Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop’ by John Lloyd to give them a much needed belly laugh, delicious and healthy treats to snack on and a black out contorted eye mask to aid rest – we all know hospital wards are never completely dark!

The Hospital Healing Care Package contains all you need to make sure your family member or friend has a easier stay in hospital. Here are the complete list of contents:

  • Colour Therapy Adult Colouring Book
  • Colour Therapy Colouring Pencils
  • Colour Therapy Fine Tip Felt Tips
  • Teapigs Chamomile Tea Temples
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Ginger
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffe Chocolate Bar
  • Skull Candy In Ear Earphones
  • Take A Break’s Mini Puzzle Mix Collection
  • Simpkins Tinned Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets
  • Macks Dreamweaver Contoured Sleep Mask
  • 1,339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop Book By John Lloyd
  • 101 Things To Do Instead Of Playing On Your Phone Book By Ilka Heinemann
  • Thumbs Up Lazy Bracket Clip Universal Phone Holder
  • Kiss My Parcel Pen

One of the most useful items found in the box for people who love their mobile phones is the Thumbs Up Gooseneck clip Universal Phone holder. This is fantastic because it allows your loved one to watch films and video’s on their phone completely hands free. The phone holder easily clips onto the bedside table and they can plug in their Skull Candy ear earphones to listen through and not disturb other patients.

What is also a delightful touch is that the care parcel feels like a lovely surprise present because you cannot see everything enclosed from the first glance. It is a bit like a lucky dip box where each present is tucked away and hidden amongst layers of recycled shredded paper, so your recipient will have to feel around and uncover each gift as they go along. The whole parcel is topped off with a special personalised note card containing a loving message from you, all tucked up inside an authentic wax sealed envelope for great effect.