Full matured gift

Fully Matured – A Care Home Parcel

A Care Home Parcel As our children grow up and leave home, we also have to face the fact that our own parents are not getting any younger. When you have a parent or relative that is moving to a care home in their senior years, then there will be a big change in their […]

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Pick Me Up Gift

Gift to Cheer a Friend Up

How to Cheer a Friend Up There are times in people’s lives when things don’t go quite to plan. Quite often a problems or issue can be such an emotional blow that they want to go and hide under the nearest rock. It is at times like these when being a good friend can be […]

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Pick Me Up Gift

Kiss My Parcel Pick Me Up Gift

Pick Me Up Gift Sometimes life can get you down, so if you are looking for a thoughtful pick-me-up gift for someone special, then you need look no further than Kiss My Parcel! With our busy lifestyles, many of us simply do not have the time to spend looking for an ideal gift to help […]

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Kicking Cancer Gift

Kiss My Parcel Cancer Care

Cancer Care Gift Cancer is a horrible disease and it is not choosy – it can hit anyone. Sadly, many of us are touched by cancer, whether it affects a friend or a loved one, it can be an emotional journey for everyone affected. This is why you will want to show your friend or […]

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Kiss My Parcel New Parents Gift Package

New Parents Gift Package The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful occasion to be celebrated! But while the new parents may be showered with packs of nappies and colourful baby-grows for their precious new bundle of joy, not many people go beyond sending a bouquet of flowers to the new parents as a […]

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Hospital Healing Care Package

Kiss My Parcel Hospital-healing Boredom Buster Package

Hospital-healing Boredom Buster Package Many of us at some point will have a close friend or relative that will experience a long hospital stay. While their stay in hospital will provide them with the opportunity to sleep, rest and recuperate, after a while their stay can start to feel quite frustrating with lots of long […]

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Kiss My Parcel The Cold & Flu Care Package

The Cold & Flu Care Package Do you have someone close to you that is sick at the moment with a bad cold or the flu? Kiss My Parcel has the perfect solution for you with our Cold & Flu Care Package that is stocked full of wonderful remedies to help them feel better! We […]

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Kiss My Parcel Bereavement Care Package

Bereavement Care Package When a loved one passes away, family members and close friends will want to show their sympathy by giving a thoughtful gift. Quite often the most gifted item for a bereavement is usually fresh flower arrangements. While a gift of flowers can be very touching at such a sad time, sometimes there […]

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Cold and Flu Care Package from Kiss My Parcel

Cold and Flu Care Package Feeling a little bit under-the-weather? Well, ’tis the season for coughs and sniffles!’ Cold and flu season hits us hard every year and we pretty much all know someone who is either suffering with a nasty virus, or just recovering from one. Many of us hardly have the chance to […]

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Hangover Survival Care Package from Kiss My Parcel

Hangover Survival Care Package We have all been there! The inevitable hangover comes to call the morning after the night before. All you want to do is to spend the day lying in bed, feeling sorry for yourself while watching daytime TV and trying not to move your aching head. Despite our best resolve not […]

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