There is nothing more special than the smile an unexpected present produces on a loved ones face.

What better way to show a much loved family member, friend or work colleague that you are thinking of them than to send them a bespoke, unique, hand picked Kiss My Parcel care package full of unique and quality gifts.

Devised in the USA 1945 to offer relief to the large numbers of people whom were at risk of starvation in Europe during the wake of World War II.

Although we are not suffering the effects of a World War, life is still full of unexpected events, both good and bad as well as the daily battles that we all fight frequently… Losing weight, trying to quit smoking, recovery from illness, the struggles of a penniless student. Kiss My Parcel has the perfect care package for any event.

A Kiss My Parcel care package is a gift with a difference: Modern, quirky, creative, beautifully packaged and delivered directly to the recipient with a personalised greeting card from the sender sealed with an authentic wax stamp.

A Kiss My Parcel Package… is the Gift that Cares!


Hello, I am Nadine, devoted mother, loving partner and founder and creator of Kiss My Parcel. That’s me in the picture above at the prestigious Top Drawer Exhibition in Olympia, London just weeks after I launched (yes I did indeed say weeks) and you see that smile on my face? If i’m being honest it was a little forced as we literally finished the stand just moments before the doors opened! If you have a moment I’ll tell you how I got there;

Whilst at school (which feels like many a moon ago now), I learnt all about Care Packages in a History class. It gave me an idea! From that moment onwards, I would create my own Care Packages for loved ones and friends on special occasions, times of need and any other circumstantial event that warranted a gift. From Birthdays to Bereavements, I would find appropriate gifts and fill boxes.

When my brother was at University I wanted to send him monthly packages full of useful products for student life so I decided to try and recreate the old style care package. I started getting boxes and filling them with items like pasta, rice, vegetable peelers, food clips you name it, I boxed it. His packages were a great hit with his roommates who would all eagerly await the next. For me this worked out so much better than giving him money, which from experience I knew, would mostly be spent at the student union bar!

When I heard a friend started a Diet, I packed a box with goodies that would help and encourage her, keep her motivated. I kept up the giving of these unique packages religiously.

Some years later my beloved Uncle received the unwelcome news that he was terminally ill with cancer. He was instantly admitted into hospital for an operation and treatment. How is one to deal with such news?

The answer… by trying to make him smile!

This is when the seed was planted for a Hospital Healing Care Package – full to the brim with products and treats to make his stay in hospital slightly more bearable. From healthy raw chocolates to earphones and colouring books to puzzle books he had it all and the other patients on his ward loved it too.

When I handed it to him I remember him sitting in his hospital bed excitingly throwing shredded paper everywhere to uncover all his gifts. After he had finished unveiling everything, with tears in his eyes he picked up the box and literally kissed it… KISS MY PARCEL WAS BORN!

I have come a fair way since my days of frantically searching the house for an old cardboard box big enough to contain a specific amount of items but the feedback I get from recipients of my care packages, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope one of our packages will be making somebody you care about smile very soon.